Well, it’s snowing here in Calgary and it’s very white outside. Not ideal inspiration for thinking about RVing as I’m a fair weather camper.  But it’s pretty!  It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and this year I’m playing hostess to some old friends and their kids (who can run around with our two and wreak havoc).  I love all things fall so I’ve often thought about how much I would love to spend a Thanksgiving camping amongst gorgeous autumn foliage and crisp air and of course how I would do this.  So I thought about the things I feel are essential to make a fall holiday weekend feel special and how they would get accomplished in a camping situation so here they are for you:

A Real Thanksgiving Dinner.  I found a great post by Kim Hanna at campingforfoodies.com, a yummy, traditional dinner able to be done at a campsite! Drool worthy.  Here’s the link:  http://www.campingforfoodies.com/thanksgiving-dinner-at-the-campsite-with-camping-for-foodies/


Smoking a Turkey Outside.  If I’m spending Thanksgiving camping, why not take advantage of the outdoors? So this definitely makes my list.


Family Traditions.  One in particular that my family loves doing is the Thankful Tree.  Find some branches, a pretty vase and make leaves out of coloured paper and a hole punch.  The week before, everyone writes things they are thankful for and we read them before dinner.  Instant warm and fuzzies for all.  Cheers to that!


Décor.  I’m not super crafty.  Once upon a time before kids I was, but not these days.  My Thanksgiving décor may include flowers in a vase, a pretty tablecloth, candles, pine cones I find at the playground (yes, I’ve done this)…things readily available if camping.


Food.  And More Food.  Beyond a delicious dinner, thoughtful touches and special appetizers and cocktails make my list of weekend must-haves.  Thoughtful touches can be simple things like these adorable carrot “pumpkins”!


However you are celebrating this weekend, I wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Hopefully, without the snow.