As a designer, I love and appreciate great design. Well thought-out design that blends efficiency, quality and beauty…ahh!

The North Carolina-made GO caught my eye at the Calgary RV Show a few weeks ago. At first, I thought it was just a really cool tent trailer but after checking it out, it’s really much more. The feature I like most about the GO is that it is a utility trailer and tent trailer, all in one! But wait, that’s not all.  At only 840 lbs, GO is the smallest, most fuel-efficient towable out there. Sleeping up to 4, GO can be pulled by almost any vehicle, including small cars and is capable of carrying over 800 lbs!

When you aren’t camping you can use GO as a utility trailer to haul your bikes, boats, an ATV, plywood, whatever! While you are camping, it’s like a tent trailer with storage for the big stuff! It also hauls small gear that frees up space in the back of your vehicle. More legroom, less being squished for hours means happier campers. Plus, it’s accessible storage…it’s not buried in the back of your SUV or locked in a tent trailer. One down side to this is potential for your stuff to get wet or dirty since the trailer is fairly open. Great for outside gear, but I’ll still be putting overnight bags in the car with me.

What’s Inside?

  • Multiple living and sleeping configurations
  • Self inflating mattresses
  • 6’4” standing headroom
  • Large 3-layer windows – more ventilation and amazing views



  • Compatible with all major rack systems
  • Awning Kit – adds 80’ of outdoor living space
  • Spare Tire Kit – Mounted securely underneath the Control-tilt Deck
  • Control-tilt Deck – Allows for ramp free loading of motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs and more
  • 13” ground clearance and wide, soft tires soak up bumps


GO is a great trailer option for active, outdoor loving campers who want a little of the comforts of a tent trailer (no kitchen or bathroom included!) but with the ability to get off-road and out of RV parks and set up off-grid under the stars.