Like many of my fellow avid RV enthusiasts, I’m googling, dreaming and planning how to one day hit the road, explore North America and live the fulltime RV lifestyle. As a road trip addict who loves researching topics of interest, I recently came across two great articles detailing how to get started on that.

The first article, “10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Fulltime RVing” by Nina Fussing at, details out (you guessed it!) 10 really useful items to consider that she’s learned along the way and is kindly passing along to us.  Nina offers down-to-earth advice on everyday living situations from tech on the road (satellite dishes and internet), costs like insurance, health care and gas, and her opinion of camping clubs.

The second article, “8 Things That Suck About My Fulltime RV Lifestyle” by Ray McKinnell at, offers a spin on the typical list of travel, adventure, sunsets and wonderful experiences.  Anyone who has spent time in an RV will probably agree with Ray’s list.  These are things that are easy to overlook until you are “fulltime”, you may not miss your full kitchen and laundry room for a weekend, but fulltime RV living – it’s entirely different to consider.

Are you considering the fulltime RV lifestyle?

  • Get Creative – Small spaces, lack of home comforts, technical difficulties…welcome to life on the road. There are many articles on creative solutions – Pinterest is great for this, too.
  • Do Your Homework – Research everything from the size of RV you need to health care, insurance, expenses, how you’ll do things like laundry.
  • Embrace Adventure – Take the plunge! There will be mistakes and bad days, even if you try it and decide fulltime is not for you, you will have had an adventure and new stories to tell!