Month: March 2017

RV Solar 101 – Is Solar For You?

If you’ve never used solar power for your RV or if you just know nothing about it, you’re definitely not alone. Most of the RVing we personally do involves full electric and water hook-ups and for the most part I’m happy with that. If we’re without hook-ups, we have a generator. But solar has an environmental allure…plus the silence! Generators are teeth-rattlingly loud and can be annoying to anyone relaxing close by. Solar is a techy, complicated subject for me – there are a lot of parts, terms, situations, options and preferences involved. In this post, I’m going to...

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Stay and Play at Mabel Lake Resort and Airpark

If you’re planning on spending some time in the North Okanagan region this summer, definitely consider Mabel Lake Resort and Airpark. When we lived in Kelowna, we spent a whole summer at Mabel Lake and easily could have spent the following summer here as well, if we hadn’t moved! An easy 2 hour drive from Kelowna, head east off 97A at Enderby for 35 km along scenic, bucolic road that follows the Shuswap River. The resort is a mix of full-service RV camping sites (both seasonal and overnight), rental houses & cabins, luxury condos, vacation homes and…an airstrip! Mabel Lake...

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